October 24, 2008

George Bush – Simple Solutions and Complex Results

Posted in Men in News at 5:01 am by kailash

‘Wise men can propose what God disposes. Among men some or wise and some otherwise’


George Bush is a straightforward person and looks forward to simple solutions for any problem. When the twin towers of New York City came to ground zero on a fateful day he sent his troops to Afghanistan to search, find and finish the enemy. The act had some impact on some terrorist organizations but the result may at the most considered partial success only. Then he sent the warning bells to Iraq. Saddam Hussein, the President of Iraq, preferred personal pride to the fate of his people and invited his ire. Saddam was defeated and hanged but this time the success might not have come closer to partial even. As inflation and unusual price rise (even those of food items) began to affect the gigantic economy of the mighty US, he opined that prosperity of the middle classes in the developing countries (especially China & India) could be the cause. As any identification of cause by George Bush may lead to warning bells, it is natural if there is concern at some quarters. But surprisingly, some of the concerned happened to be prominent Indian political leaders. For those who wonder – why surprise for a natural reaction – the recent Jaipur blasts provide the answer.

Jaipur (where terrorism resulted in serial blasts recently and condemned by almost all nations of the world) is the capital of Rajasthan State, India. The State is being ruled by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its allies while the Centre is being ruled by the allies of its rival party, Congress. After the serial blasts BJP and Congress did not find it natural to hear the warning bells of terrorism; instead they preferred blaming each other, hence our surprise at their concern for Bush’s reasoning.

Yet the real democracy it is, clarifications came immediately from the US. The remark did not mean concern for the increasing food consumption of the middle classes in the developing world. Rather it accords recognition to the remarkable progress made by those countries. Be positive is the motto of our Flat Forum. George Bush conforms to that!

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  1. Kamal said,

    As we are all following the US elections with interest and anxiety, it
    was interesting to find out that Barack Obama has a significant lead
    ahead of John McCain. Today is the final presidential debate between the
    candidates, and it will be interesting to see if reverse the tide that
    is favoring Obama. I favored John McCain initially, but I will have
    to admit that I am impressed by Barack Obama, and am convinced that he
    is the candidate that can lead the US in a new, positive direction.

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