October 24, 2008

Sunken Treasure – by V. Sai Deepthi

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V. Sai Deepthi

V. Sai Deepthi

 The language of a young creative mind has a special & pleasant flavour. Here is an example. Ms. Sai Deepti, presently a 6G class student of the Dubai Modern High School, U.A.E wrote this story when she was 8!






One fine day, a man, called Bruce, and a lady, called Alison, jumped into their rented boat and started the motor eagerly and set off on a trip to the heart of the deep ocean. The water was turquoise-blue. Since it was day-break, they could see the yellow to orange colour sun’s reflection in the water. It was a very beautiful sight, so Bruce told Alison that he wanted to have a nice dive right to the bottom of the ocean and look for different kinds of things like a shoal of fish, a school of Dolphins etc.


After looking around the ocean, which was very boring and tiring, he found a treasure. Meanwhile, Alison was getting worried because it had been an hour since Bruce had gone diving. Soon, Alison saw a head pop up and was Bruce’s familiar face. When he was trying to load the treasure aboard, Alison gasped! She helped him since she recognized him. With a heave she pulled the heavy treasure chest into the boat.


As the chest was aboard, and Bruce too, Bruce started the motor and left. As they reached to the shore they thought and thought what to do with the jewels they found. Soon they thought of taking it to the bank.


They thought of valuing it at the bank and take money home instead. But to their surprise, when they opened it in the bank they were dog biscuits! What effort Bruce had put in finding it! And it was dog biscuits! Too sad… 


  1. sridhar said,

    vey good

  2. sahitya said,

    excellent stroy!!!

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