October 24, 2008

The Wanting Machine – by K.S.K.Yasaswy

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Is it not interesting to read the analysis of a 12+ kid by a 12+ kid? Mr. Yasaswy, presently a 10th class student of the Bhashyam School, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India wrote this story when he was 12+

Rajiv was very excited as his father was getting his salary that day.

“Hurray! I am going shopping today”, thought Rajiv.

When his father arrived, Rajiv gave him the list of things he wanted as Radio Control Plane, Radio Control Car, Racing Bike Toy, Stumps, Trading Cards, Beyblade, Game CD, Comics and Action Toys. 

His father pleaded for just one item while Rajiv insisted for everything in the list. “I’ll give you one day time to decide on just one”, said his father.

Rajiv couldn’t decide on what to leave out till next morning, when Rahul, one of his friends, came to his house with a cute little white puppy in his hands.

“This is my pet, Rover. We bought him yesterday”, said Rahul.

Rajiv was impressed with his friend’s choice and conveyed to his father that he too wanted a little puppy.

So, that evening they went and bought a male puppy. It was a Dalmatian white in color and had black spots. They named him Tubby.

Everyone in the house adored Tubby. Rajiv took good care of him. He took him for a walk every morning, evening and night. His meal was milk and bread in the morning, dhal and curd (without salt) in the afternoon and pedigree and curd in the night. They gave him good training.

One day, Rajiv’s friend Sudhir bought the latest trading cards. Rajiv envied Sudhir. He too wanted them. So, he went home and requested his father to buy him the trading cards, which Sudhir had.

“You have a dog, a room of your own, toys and many more and still you want more?“ said his father.

“There’s no creativity in that”, added his mother.

Rajiv was angry with his parents and stopped talking with them. They tried a lot to convince him but he just ignored them.

To make him feel better they bought him the cards.

“Wow! I have all the rare varieties”, thought an excited Rajiv. He started showing off a lot with his friends. The next day, another friend of him bought a new Radio-Control Car, red in color. Rajiv ran home to tell his parents about that.

“No, we may buy it sometime later but not now”, said his father.

“There are many people without food Rajiv, think about them”, said his mother.

That night, his mother told him a story:

Long, long ago there lived a boy. He had no parents, nor a house. He had to do hard labor to make his living. God felt pity for that boy and appeared before him and said, “Whenever you need help call me and I will help you”.

The boy badly needed a house. So he asked God for a house. God gave him a hut. But the boy was not satisfied. He asked for a much bigger house. God then gave him a very, big house. It was huge as a colony. But he was not satisfied. He asked for an island, then for a whole country and finally for the whole world. God noticed that this boy was getting greedy and decided to teach him a lesson.

One day, God appeared before him and showed him the life of the poor for a day. He saw some of them starving for food, some without clothes, and some without parents. The boy was moved.

“Look, there are many people without house. You were one among them, but you came ahead because I helped you. Since you had all the things you wanted you forgot your past, you forgot yourself due to the greed which entered you”, said God.

“I will use my wealth to build houses for the poor”, said the boy.

God was indeed happy listening to this, “I am happy you realized your mistake,” he said.

“I didn’t want you to buy a dog or the cards, but we did that to please you, I hope you learnt your lesson “, said his mother.

From that day onwards, Rajiv never asked for useless things. A few days later, his father woke him up. Rajiv was surprised to see a radio control car in his hands.

”This is a present for listening to us”, said his father.

Rajiv was very happy. Let us hope Rajiv will never again turn into a wanting machine.


  1. Sam said,

    Excellent story

  2. Lakshmi said,

    Great Message in Simple words.

  3. Bob said,

    Good story

  4. sahitya said,

    sweet n a simple story

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