November 20, 2008

Get Beaten and Enjoy Life

Posted in Health Tips at 5:16 pm by kailash

Interestingly a majority of Indian parents do not plan for their future; they dedicate their lives for the future of their children. Their concern for children is so much that they may even beat to put them on the right path. However, they may also beat their children for wrong reasons. Kids often become victims of petty domestic quarrels, emotional outbursts or financial problems that do not involve them. Though they feel humiliated at the time of beating, they quickly reconcile as parents relent and make amends. On reaching adulthood, many kids appreciate their parents’ concern and jocularly reminisce their plight in childhood. It may appear they enjoyed those moments. Some may grudge but they are in minority.

All this can happen because of mutual trust. Parent-child relationship is special and is beyond legal and rights perspectives. This, however, is limited to simple people and may not be as valid for the sophisticated. Sophistication is welcome if it results from progress and does not affect the parent-child bond. Parents are the best custodians for children and legal interference takes kids’ childhood away from parents. And that does not augur well for the good health of society. This point is valid to any society if the reference is to the biological parents.

Beating, however, is bad. Parents are good only when they do not resort to violence while dealing with their kids.

What beating to children is scolding to elders. It is well known that words cause more effective injuries to mind than physical assault to body. If the abusive language comes as genuine punishment to misdeeds, one should accept with grace. The punishment helps both ways – it clears the one effected and cleans the one punished.

Sometimes abuses come out of sheer arrogance. In such cases, retort is the resort for many. This is likely to have a negative effect both ways as both will be unhappy. Both try to convince themselves that they were right in their act. They continue to convince themselves as their unhappiness mounts. The best way to combat an arrogant blast is to ignore it. It is well known that ignorance is the best way of humiliation. Here is a famous anecdote to propagate this view.

A social worker was collecting donations for a charity trust and approached a miser for the cause. The miser showed him five-rupee note only to tell him that he was not going to part with it. Then he began calling the social worker a cheat and went on to add vulgar titles. The social worker coolly asked him, “I did not take the five-rupee note from you. With whom it stays now?’. “Of course, with me only,’’ replied the miser. The social worker smiled and said, “I am not taking your words and titles also’’. That means all those abuses remained attached to the miser.

If someone beats you with abuses for no reason, is it not more enjoyable to respond this way? He may be beating you but they will be hitting him only because you have not accepted them.

If you learn to enjoy such situations, it helps your health remarkably. And it is well known that health is wealth.

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