November 20, 2008

Kartik Rajaram – a victim or a criminal?

Posted in Men in News at 4:53 pm by kailash

Look out for Kartik Rajaram in google search. You may get the following information.

He is an MBA in finance from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and had formerly worked for Price Waterhouse Coopers and Sony Pictures. He was at least part-owner of a financial holding company, SKGL LLC, incorporated in Nevada in 1999 and renewed in December 2007. He worked for Greg Robinson in 2003 and 2004, at a management consulting agency named Azur Partners LLC. He posted a perfect score on his business school entrance exam. He could sell his home (purchased in 1997 for $274,000) for a profitable rate of $750,000 in 2006. He made more than $1.2 million in a London-based venture; for a £12,500 investment he received £875,000 (about $1.2 million in 2001 dollars). His family lived a typical upper class life though in a rented accommodation. They had two cars (a Chevy Suburban and a Lexus SUV) and paid their rent on time. For neighbors, the Rajarams were a quiet, decent family. By all means he was in an enviable position. And then the self-indicted misfortune followed. His behavioral pattern kept him unemployed for several months. His greedy investments resulted in the dissolution of his wealth during the global meltdown to dissolve his spirits. He could have become wiser and led a modest life. His pride suggested only one alternative to lavish life. It is upto Rajaram if he chose to end his life. Unfortunately, he forced his choice on his family too, which included his 19-year old son, Krishna, a Fulbright scholar majoring in business economics at his father’s alma mater UCLA, whose visit to his father at that time proved fatal. His mother-in-law, Indra Ramasesham (69), wife, Subasri (39), sons, Ganesha (12) and Arjuna (7) were all killed by him. Just see the result. His father-in-law, in India, lost a much-needed companion in old age. His wife, who was young, was denied a few decades of further life. His childrens’ dreams for a golden future came to an abrupt end.

Rajaram cannot be considered a victim of global meltdown. He was living in the land of hope where people do not die of despair. Had he continued or allowed his family to continue, flying colors are all that could be in waiting. Rajaram was a victim of his greed, pride, mind-set and selfishness. However, he will now be remembered more as a brutal killer.


  1. రమాదేవి said,

    I am extremely sorry to read such one-sided view point from Vasudhara whom I regard with certain maturity. Not from those who matured with varied experiences or thought process or age or Indian Philosophy.

    Lekhini typing takes more time so I am writing in english.

    “He was living in the land of hope where people do not die of despair” Does it mean there are no suicidal deaths in US because of financial crisis?

    “It is upto Rajaram if he chose to end his life. Unfortunately, he forced his choice on his family too,” So only killing should not be done else it is OK with forcing the family with the head of the families choice, do you mean this? Because if forcing the family to his choice is worng we have society full of wrong fathers/parents ……we have female foeticide, child marriages in Rajasthan, Intermediate students suicides etc are also in one way or other equal to this force. We don’t even allow the children to have their thinking right from childhood with our views and values. Is it not forcing? Just because we see death we try to give a different meaning. Like “Earth Is Flat” that prevailed for so many years, this practice of equating suicide with cowardliness or something else is continuing. What is Euthenesia?

    First of all why do we become judgmental even after death of some one? IS to escape from our accepting our part in who/what instigated? Don’t we know the farmers and weavers death? What are we really doing? The open economy made more billionaires from India or outsourcing made more human robots without or with less human element.

    We all like to do what we want to do. You are spending your time with this sort of less urgent /needy things it is OK but I don’t think we have right to say something about Kartik. I don’t think any body can look from his eyes and understand why he took such an extreme step. Let us allow their souls to rest in peace at least after death.

    I think there are varied angles in the comments of this this. If time permits please do take a look.

  2. RamaDevi said,

    I didn’t find any body or you responding. I feel I am justified to be disappointed to see such post from some one who wrote stories like cheyuta , brahmaastram , jnaanaadhakaaram, sarpadrashta etc which are new angles to life and people around us.

  3. Vasundhara said,

    Please follow the link below for a detailed response to your comments

    Click to access reply.pdf

  4. BPhani Babu said,

    కార్తిక్ రాజారాం గురించి వసుంధర గారు వ్రాసిన ప్రతిక్రియ
    చదవకుండా రమాదేవి గారు ఆయన మీద నింద వేయడం బాగా లేదు.

  5. మనమది నిందగా కాక స్పందనగా తీసుకుందాం. ప్రతి స్పందనకీ నెపధ్యముంటుంది. మనం సానుభూతితో అర్థం చేసుకోవాలి.

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