November 20, 2008

‘Mubarak’ Barack Obama

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‘Freedom is my birth-right’- said Lokamanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak of India while rising his voice against the British Raj during early part of the last century. He was speaking on behalf of all Indians, who were then seemingly united irrespective of caste, language and religion. Present India is a seemingly free country though people still talk of their birth-rights divided on caste, language and religion. And then India, still is a developing country.

Citizenship is the birth-right irrespective of even nationality – in almost all the developed countries. A boy born to a Kenyan father and an American mother could be an American if he is just born somewhere in America. He continues to be an American even if he was brought up in Indonesia till the age of ten; this could happen if his mother divorced the Kenyan and married an Indonesian. He can come back to his country of birth, continue studies, become a senator of state and then president-elect for the nation. All this may look like a fairy tale imagination – but that is just the biography of the American president-elect Barack Hussain Obama. And for no reason America is considered a developed country.

Some may consider the word ‘considered’ skeptical as many feel that America is a developed country. If wealth, prosperity, facilities and knowledge are preferred over mind-set, yes – America is a developed country. However, the importance of mind-set cannot be underestimated if one can relate the mind-set of the American electorate in 2004 and the global meltdown in 2008. 

The topic of mind-set is of paramount importance now. Media keeps on referring Obama as black or African-American and hail his victory as victory against racism. Barack might have to cross many barricades in life to reach the present status but he is no exception if we look at many others who scaled greater heights – ‘some’ were poor, ‘some’ were women, ‘some’ were orphans, ‘some’ were handicapped. This ‘some’ could be black too!. Greater personalities can overcome any hurdle to reach the set targets. And Obama, no doubt, is a great personality. He is young, impressive, intelligent and overall, mesmerizing. Let the media of the developed world stick to its developed status and speak on those aspects of Obama. If his origin, color, etc. are highlighted beyond a point, it is nothing but idea-bankruptcy of the media.

It is not an unfair conviction if people attribute the survival of racism for so long in South Africa, to the moral or hidden support of the developed countries. Yet no developed country was found wanting on criticizing apartheid. That is political dignity. Caucasians in America might still draw lines on racial grounds. That can be brushed off as just human weakness as long as they do not feel it dignified to let it openly known to others. And the Caucasians played a significant role in Obama’s victory over a Caucasian.

Coming to global expectations on Obama – one should be realistic. He is an American and is the President-elect of the Americans by the Americans and for the Americans. However, the US seems to be the fate line of majority of countries in the world and hence the focus on Obama. Right now, the US seems to have been battered and hoping for a bettered state under Obama.

Flat Forum says mubarak (congratulations) to Barack not because of his ‘Hussain’ part. It is a customary greeting from India!  




“If dollar is a coin its change is in cents. If dollar is for nation its change is in nascents”

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