November 21, 2008

You ‘No’ It – 2

Posted in Language Tunes at 10:50 am by kailash

Sunita, the English teacher told the students an imaginary situation on the recent election for the high office of President.

After Barack Obama Hussein was declared as the President-elect, George Bush, the incumbent President, met and congratulated him.

“Thank you, Mr. Bush,” said Obama.

Bush waited for further response but Obama did not speak any more. Bush was disgusted and said, “The American people are looking for change and elected you with all hope. But you turned out to be a selfish and discourteous man. When I congratulated, you responded like a selfish man and did not even thank me. If you could do that to a former President, what can a common man expect from you?”

Obama looked surprised and insisted that he did say thanks.

Bush was angry. “If you know it, you can ‘no’ my remark. Otherwise I know how to ‘no’ your assertion.’’

As soon as Sunita completed the story, one of the students rose and whispered, “Just another lie from President Bush, Ma’am”

“Do not talk loose. Make efforts to know the implication of George Bush, and ‘no’ Obama’s assertion,’’ smiled Sunita.

Can you ‘no’ Obama?

(Answer: The feeling is strong in America that George Bush’s second term was the root cause for the many ills facing the nation. His image spoiled the chances of the Republican candidate and enhanced the Democrat Obama to become President-elect. Bush knows this and so he expected Obama to thank him for the verdict. Obama did thank him and Bush attributed this to selfish reason. This should have followed by another thanks as courtesy to his congratulatory greetings.)

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