December 2, 2008

Terror in Mumbai- Just a Wakeup call!

Posted in Politics at 11:58 am by kailash

Mahatma Gandhi, an apostle of peace, was instrumental in India securing freedom in 1947 from the British rule. His disciple, Jawaharlal Nehru, was the architect of modern India. It is but natural if Nehru was complacent on the country’s security concerns. When there was war between China and India in 1962, the country’s unpreparedness was thoroughly exposed. The capabilities of a prepared India were well-demonstrated later in 1965 by Nehru’s ardent follower, Lal Bahadur Sastri, and in 1971 by Nehru’s beloved daughter Indira Gandhi. Pakistan was the struggling student both the times and has to part with Bangladesh which emerged as a free country during Indira’s assertive regime.  

Though effective on war-fronts, India could never realize the need for war-footing preparations while dealing with terrorism. Indian democracy is in the hands of capable but immature people, who are an interesting blend of feudalistic politicians and unconcerned citizens. Unfortunately for many of our leaders, federalism lies in caste, religion, language, etc; they do not view federalism with the perspective of local self government. Secularism, one of the principal governing principles of our constitution, too met with a similar fate. Religion is a personal choice and the state should neither discriminate nor interfere in the name of religion. Thus, unlike in theocratic states, religion has no place in the politics of our country. However, a majority of our leaders are more concerned about their political gains and often interpret secularism to suit electoral convenience. Right now, quite a few political parties even bear the name of or announce allegiance to religions; religious fervor is shaking Indian democracy. Not realizing that terrorism has no religion, war on terrorism gets diluted with religious passions. Even a death sentence by the supreme court of the country, to the attacker of the Parliament could be kept in abeyance for years.

There could be another interesting but shameful reason for our leaders’ apathy towards terrorism. Quite a few terror outfits were the creations of our leaders just for narrow and temporary political gains. When these outfits later turn out to be ‘frankensteins’ for the public, the leaders continue to see ‘casabiancas’ in them. Thus occasional blasts and loss of innocent civilian lives do not much matter for the leaders. And then one day the inevitable happens, as witnessed recently at the Chatrapati Shivaji Terminal Railway Station, the Hotels Taj and Oberoi-Trident, and Nariman House in Mumbai. The terrorists did all the homework, arranged all the ammunition needed, entered the financial capital of India with the ease of tourists, fought like warriors, created havoc for 61 hours and died like heroes. All this happened in a country aiming for super power status.

We have quality leaders to fight any calamity but were done by our callous attitude. However, recent Terror in Mumbai need not be construed as an exposure of our weakness.  We are a well-prepared nation and it is just a wakeup call. In no time, we will be back to the levels of 1965 and 1971. And then we hope to remain there forever eliminating the need for further wakeup calls.

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