June 19, 2011

‘Only’ English

Posted in Language Tunes at 10:49 am by వసుంధర

Professor Ernest Brennecke of Columbia is credited with inventing a sentence that can be made to have eight different meanings by placing ONE WORD in all possible positions in the sentence: “I hit him in the eye yesterday.”  The word is “ONLY”.

The Message:

1. ONLY I hit him in the eye yesterday. (No one else did.)

2. I ONLY hit him in the eye yesterday. (Did not slap him.)

3. I hit ONLY him in the eye yesterday. (I did not hit others.)

4. I hit him ONLY in the eye yesterday. (I did not hit outside the eye.)

5. I hit him in ONLY the eye yesterday. (Not other organs.)

6. I hit him in the ONLY eye yesterday. (He doesn’t have another eye..)

7. I hit him in the eye ONLY yesterday. (Not today.)

8. I hit him in the eye yesterday ONLY. (Did not wait for today.)

This is the beauty and complexity of the English language.  Have a nice day.

We thank the email forward from Cdr. G Sri Ramarao,I.N,(Retd.) through Dr. P.V. Satyaprasad


  1. English is the ONLY language that could baffle the readers.

    One misogynist wrote on the wall: A woman without her husband is useless.
    His wife corrected the statement ; a woman without her, husband is useless


    There are many word tricks we can create for fun sake.

    One atheist says ‘GOD IS NOWHERE’
    One theist says: ‘GOD IS NOW HERE’

    M.Sri Hari Krishna

  2. M.Sri Hari Krishna said,

    English is such a language, where many words sound similar, but their meanings vary. Consider the following sentences.

    01. The bandage was wound around the wound.
    02. The farm was used to produce a good produce.
    03. We must polish the Polish furniture.
    04. Since there is no time like the present, he decided to present the present
    05. When shot at, the dove dove into the bush..
    06. The insurance is invalid for the invalid.
    07. They were too close to the door to close it.
    08. The dentist gave a number of injections to make the jaw number.
    09. How can I intimate this to my intimate friend?
    10. I saw a saw, sawing a saw. Such a saw I never saw.

    Mocherla Sri Hari Krishna

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