July 28, 2011

Murder 2- Film Review

Posted in Film Reviews at 3:45 pm by వసుంధర

It is a Mahesh Bhatt Movie Directed by Mohit Suri as a sequel to the earlier film Murder.  The film was released on July 8 and was meant for adult viewing.

Story: The hero is an ex-cop prepared to help even criminals for the sake of money. He is good and kind-hearted but avoids God intentionally and with dislike. The heroine is a model and is in love with the hero. She has no inhibitions and is ready for pre-marital sex. A criminal, who runs human-trafficking business, is facing a problem as his prostitutes are missing one by one. The hero suggests a prey to unsolve the mystery and a poor college girl was chosen for the purpose. The villain was a eunuch and also a psychopath. He had a special fervor for prostitutes, whom he terrifies, kills and cut into pieces.  How the hero and villain outwit each other forms the rest of the story.

Comments: This is a murder story to horrify viewers. First victim is the story itself, which was cruelly murdered.  Otherwise the plot has all the elements to make a meaningful horror flick. Here, things just happen without coherence. The love scene in the beginning looked just like a prelim for porno. No emotions. No spirit. No aesthetics. No chemistry.  Emran Hashmi Impressed in patches despite an unimpressive role. Jacqueline Fernandez has a good body which was revealed and also some acting for which there was little scope. Sulagna Panigrahi as the poor college-going call girl wins the sympathy of the audience with her innocence. Prashant Narayanan as the psychopath utilized the scope to terrify the audience while also exhibiting some histrionic talent. The rest of the cast fills the bill.

Mohit Suri presented some of the scenes very impressively but there was no homework for the story. A gripping novel should have been conceived and scenes created to suit a feature film. He took the common route of conceiving a few scenes and carving out a story. Sulagna’s plight in a well could have created enough fear in the minds of viewers but for inept handling.  In the end, the hero feeling okay about God is also not convincing. The God factor could have been eliminated in the beginning as well as the end. All the songs were well picturised.

No doubt, the makers of the film have taken the audience for granted. They know better if it pays. If it does not pay, it is good for the future of the Indian horror flicks.

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