August 8, 2011

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Posted in Film Reviews at 5:41 pm by వసుంధర

  Click here for the story and review by the Times of India.

  Click here for the song senorita.

 Our View

 Bollywood movies are branded escapists. They take the common man to a world, he can neither dream nor achieve. But the story and content are within his reach. This film is no different in terms of escapism but it is not within the reach or grasp of the average Indian viewer. The problem is imported from the west and is being applied to our youth. It may not be totally unrealistic in view of the growing pub culture in India. So it may appeal to some privileged city youth. It may be amusing to note that their problem is a loving partner willing to sacrifice even her life ambitions for the sake of living together. That is family life and majority of people even in the West may just aspire for that. When there is a lot to understand through their surroundings and people around them- they prefer to tour in Spain and have a bachelor party to enjoy life and know its intricacies. This is a myth being propagated by the effluent to spoil the young minds of reasonably well-to-do India.   

Man, woman, love and family- that is the combination most likely to bring ultimate happiness. If happiness does not evolve the problem may not lie in avoiding the combination. But this film does think so.

Let us leave it there and agree with this philosophy. The film was well made and is a beauty. The situations were well conceived, dialogues very well written and locales were wonderfully chosen. The film excels in all departments and credit goes to the entire crew. Audience may not get bored at any moment though the first half of the movie is more like a tourist’s programme. All songs are good though senorita needs special mention.

Abhy Deol excelled in his role while Farhan Akthar too looked very natural in a difficult role. Hritik lost his boyish looks yet was pleasing to the beholder. His action was not as natural and maybe he was conscious of his super star status.  Katrina Kaif did not show any histrionic talent but compensated with divine beauty. Her mesmerizing smiles were enough to seal the viewer’s mind in her favor.

The film is a must watch- not for its content but its presentation.

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