February 3, 2012

Be on Song

Posted in eMail News at 10:01 am by వసుంధర

To be human being itself is a nature-given privilege for man on earth. Unfortunately many fail to be human even with additional privileges. As such life is short for all and for some it may be shorter due to unusual challenges that are difficult to meet and lack of the minimum privileges that others are born with. Such less-privileged ones do survive on the realization that life is really short but not for a song and on a mission to be on song.

Let us here Miss Aisha Chaudhary who exemplifies extraordinary fight and spirit in life. The clarity of thought, fluency in expression add glamour to the tips of the contents. The audience match her performance with their model response. The conclusion of Aisha that ‘there are no rainbows without tears in the eyes’ is touching.

Let us thank Ms. Shridevi Muralidhar for this touching and purposeful video.

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  1. Men are like Government Bonds. They take a long time to mature.
    Another disquieting feature is that they have the symptoms of ‘analysis paralysis’.
    Most of our unhappiness lies in overestimating the happiness of others.
    Miss Aisha Chaudhary is a brave girl, who is an optimist. She believes in miracles, finds an opportunity in every calamity. No doubt, it is a miracle that God helps those who believe Him and compensates in providing some other virtue. When one door is closed, He’ll open another to help us. The only key to that door is ‘faith’.
    Faith can move mountains. Bravo Aisha – you are a conquest of mind over matter. Keep it up. All the best. Thanks to Flat Forum and Ms. Shridevi Muralidhar for sharing the excellent video clipping.

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