May 7, 2012

No Arms No Legs No Worries

Posted in eMail News at 8:57 am by వసుంధర

Nick Vujicis has no legs and no arms.  But he never stops moving. And so is his story which is moving. And you all know that inspiration comes only through moves.  Here is an interesting, moving and inspiring story from Mohammed Shiraz Qamar, Director, Golden Inspirations:

Can you imagine yourself having a life without your two precious legs and arms and still be thankful for life?

Can you think of a time when you wanted to hold someone’s hand and you did not have any hands? If you can’t then you must watch this video and see how bravely Nick Vujicis has taken over life with a smile and has decided to be a beacon of strength for everyone.

Do you know you are eternally blessed by being healthy and alive?
Do you know you are very special and you have everything you need to do everything you want?
Go ahead and embrace the life you have …you are indeed blessed and special!
Click here to watch the video
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Thanks & Regards,

Mohammed Shiraz Qamar
Golden Inspirations

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