November 11, 2013

Yes and SOS to the US

Posted in Politics at 9:45 pm by వసుంధర

America attracts the best talent from around the world and absorbs it. No wonder, if the rest of the world consider the US as friend, philosopher and guide. And the believers treat and condemn the antagonists of the US as the equivalents of atheists. Prof Ian Buruma of New York made an interesting  analysis of this trend and observed that ‘the main problem is not Obama; it is the hubris of Americans’ belief in their “exceptional” role in the world – a belief that has been abused too many times to promote unnecessary wars. Not only has Americans’ idealism led them to expect too much of themselves, but the rest of the world has often expected too much of America. And such expectations can only end in disappointment’. You may click here for the complete article appeared in today’s (November 11, 2013) The Times of India.

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  1. The end of innocence is a good article. It is really outspoken and frank.
    But America enjoys the status of “Big Brother” among all the continents.
    Their role in promoting atomic nuclear plants, instigating other Islamic countries to fight among themselves are in jeopardy of non proliferation only. They have no sympathy or emapathy for poor countries. Whether it is J.F. Kennedy or OBAMA. U.S.A continues to be the big brother taking care of his vested interest and not bothered by the agony of other small countries. They are happy as long as thei Dollar’s strength is intact, dictating all other currencies in a high handed manner. History repeats every time.

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