January 1, 2014


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happy new year 2014 wallpaper hdWhen you look back, the year 2013 gave us more grief than pleasure. But hope followed always. Scams were in galore, rapes became common practice, political leaders concentrated on self ignoring people totally and so on. And there was consolation in the name of Aam Admi which came to power in Delhi. Also the party in power lost badly in 3 state polls.  Sachin retired from cricket and Virat appeared as a reday replacement. The Nirbhaya Act and the Lokpal Bill are also a silver lining.  There was a very unfortunate incident to blur the friendly atmosphere between two of the world’s notable democracies (the Us & India). The notable positive development was that India for the first time has shown signs of no hesitation in responding to bullying tactics at international level. 

Let us look forward with all hope to the new year 2014.

Flat Forum wishes the readers a very happy new year!


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  1. The bygone year is a quagmire and a nightmare. I felt happy today, when I tore the last page of 2013 in our calendar. Let us turn a new leaf today and look forward to a bright, peaceful and happy New Year 2014.

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