September 29, 2019

Howdy Modi

Posted in Chit Chat, Politics at 12:52 pm by వసుంధర

Leaders are born, not made. Every leader will have his own style.

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a born leader and presently there is no match for him.  And the present media style suits him very well.

He is a man of action and never waits for doing things he believes. Demonetisation, triple talaq and now the abolition of article 370 – all require immense courage. He showed courage.

His recent trip to the US, hailed as Howdy Modi, is a testimony to his personality. Imran Khan, PM of Pakistan, said so many things, many of them irrelevant, to throw mud on the country punctuated by personal attacks on the Indian PM. Like Gandhiji, who chose nonviolence as a weapon to wage a war, he  had chosen silnce to throw back all the mud on the perpetrator with more force. 

The nation expects more and more from this gifted leader. 

The article (given below) by Sagarika appeared today in the Times of India is an objective analysis of the situation.


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