August 13, 2022


Posted in Arts, Literature at 6:46 pm by వసుంధర

News is for information. News is for reaction/response. News is for awareness.

Can news be entertaining also?

Click the given link to feel the answer:

Sure, you will find a news letter not just entertaining, but meaningfully different.

Hear. hear- the editor has to say something:

To start off, here’s a little about me. I’m Kaivalya (quite a mouthful, I know, or so I’m told) and I’m a comic artist, illustrator, and writer. I primarily make slice of life comics on  Instagram. I’m also on WebtoonTapas, and Facebook. I recently picked up drawing (especially cartooning) and it makes me happy! Apart from drawing, I spend a considerable amount of time reading (fiction) and dabbling with writing my own stuff. I also eat and sleep. I mention that specifically because I immensely enjoy both activities. I also cook but that’s only to satisfy my cravings. And that’s pretty much about me. Just your average human being. What about you? What do you do? I’d love to know! Hit reply and tell me.

Here’s what you can expect on my newsletters –

  • Random thoughts
  • What I’m reading – I’ll talk about what book I’m currently reading and what I think of it.
  • Works in progress – Includes any illustrations, comics, and all of my other ugly drawings (you wouldn’t see them on social media. I only put out the pretty stuff.)
  • Life-changing art tips – Art course/video recommendations from a noob
  • Products and Services – If and when I do launch them in the future, you’d be the first to know
  • And more random thoughts…

My newsletter will be out on Friday every two weeks. I hope you’re as excited to receive my newsletters as I am to send them. I’ll see you soon!

Bye for now and thank you again!

– Kaivalya Kandukuri.


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