January 1, 2017


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We await

Demonetisation as a monster or master

Trump in his own track or backtrack

China’s will for goodwill

Pakistan’s hate and fate

Limited glories to continue for Indian sports  

Unlimited opportunities for the Indian youth


Prosperity for the whole world


January 1, 2015


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New Year 2015 with colorful hanging tags


The year 2014 was dramatic. It silenced the neosecularists who branded Narendra Singh Modi as a nontolerant Hindu and were making all out efforts to stop him. Mr. Modi emerged as the most beloved leader of the nation and shot into prominence also internationally. His aura of power, his command and confidence, the sense that—whatever he was—he was something his detractors were not prepared to face. Right now he is winning elections after elections and propagating some new ideas like Swach Bharat, Make in India, Development etc. It appears as if a new era is in the offing.

The year 2014 also saw the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh (AP), one of the larger states in the country. The newly formed states of residual AP and Telangana have chosen hostility towards each pther to overcome the initial hiccups.  Now, both the states have somewhat settled down and are trying to conduct business as usual. The bifurcation is a welcome step as the struggle for separate Telangana surfaced in 1969, had its lows and highs, but was always there. Interestigy, the party responsible for granting Telangana was wiped off from the residual AP. More interestingly, that party is sitting now in opposition in the newly formed Telangana.

In the sports arena, our performance is remarkable – thanks to Sania, Saina, Sindhu, Kashyap and Kohli just to name a few. Dhoni announced his retirement from test cricket, a very good decision though a little dramatic. And the future of Indian cricket is in the safe hands of Virat Kohli. Anand bowed down as king of World Chess, but after a long enough stint. This year, we had a Nobel Laureate in Satyardhi along with very young Malala, a Pakistani national. Let us hope for more recognitions along with our neighbours.

Now, we hope to see Modi in action and achieve what he promised. We hope to see that national feeling prevails over regional animosities. We hope to dominate the world. We hope to eradicate poverty. We hope to make caste and religion purely personal and keep them out of public arena. We do not want to hear the categorisation on the basis of caste, religion etc during elections. We hope to win more laurels in the fields of sports, literature, arts, movies etc.

These are neither great ideals, nor difficult propositions. They are within our realm if we have the will devoid of opportunism.

Let us look forward with all hope to the new year 2015.


January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

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The year 2012 is gone. There were disasters, crimes, mishaps and many unhappy things. But always there was a silver lining. One should have the will to see it.

In the Us, President Obama completed a 4-year term successfully and was reelected for a 2nd term. As per the status of America, he is now considered to be the most prominent of world leaders for the coming 4 years. His background and colour are inspiring to all those who are less favoured. His talent and attitude arouse hope for all over the world.

There was a threat of collapse for the European Union. It survived and also bagged the Nobel prize for peace.

The world was supposed to end on December 2012. It did not. Moral: Any prediction of disaster for the world will be met with failure.

Coming to India- there are divisions in the name of caste, creed, religion, language and even dialect. There is corruption. There are crimes at inhuman levels. But the silver lining is that democracy is working. It is working despite the majority being illiterate and unconcerned.

The state of Gujarat is just an interesting example in this country. Narendra Modi belongs to a party referred as the BJP.  He is not a much favoured candidate of the BJP. The media terms him communal. During the last few years, there was less appreciation for him and more propaganda against him all over the country and even around the world. He did not bother. Instead he concentrated on effective governance. There was considerable development in the state. The state was free of communal riots. There was a rise in the middle class population. Democratically he had served two terms as Chief Minister of Gujarat and recently won a 3rd 5-year term. The UK had found him acceptable and many other foreign nations are likely to follow suit. In India, the media is fearing that there is an undercurrent to make him the next Prime Minister of the country. Those who wish to stop must forget his communal tag and emulate his other qualities. This is the message to be carried forward to the new year 2013.

The field of sports is yet another example. The International Olympic Committee debarred a few of our sports organisations. Our cricket team is lacking in stamina to maintain its high-profile beyond short-lived status. The little master Sachin Tendulkar announced his retirement from one-dayers. But the silver lining is that we had won a few medals in last year’s Olympics. Saina Nehwal is an international star in badminton. Anand is still keeping our flag high in International Chess. The BCCI is earning money like anything. Youngsters are getting motivated towards games and sports.

Ours is a country of more resolutions and less action. The Flatforum, too, seems to be no exception. Hope this new year will break the jinx and the following days will bear testimony to that. we request you your contribution and cooperation in our endeavor. 

As we enter the new year, let us concentrate on the silver lining and try for a gold coating.

We wish you all a very happy new year 2013

January 1, 2012

Hellow 2012!

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Better late than never! That is what the Egyptians thought while driving Mubarak away.  What followed in Tunisia, Libya, Myanmar etc suggested that good deeds will have a telling effect on surroundings.

If capitalism is unavoidable for development and prosperity, it is nothing but human nature. The Soviet Union realized it rather late and is yet to recover after the imminent collapse. And China’s policy is concealment and capitalism is no exception. Hence its progress. If the US is sliding down economically, it is not due to capitalism. Involvement in or initiation of unnecessary wars was just one cause. Its people believe in spending all and not in saving at all.  Compared to its academic, scientific and technological brilliance- its political background was found wanting many a times. Conceiving a Nixon, Reagan, Bush etc as world leaders does not suggest maturity of minds. And a second term for some of them was just irresponsibility. A Sarah as running mate in 2008 and the quality of the contenders for 2012 is suffocatin. Strategically too, its support to Pakistan is surprising. A country that does not respect democracy, imparts training to terrorists, shelters the likes of Osamas found an ally in the US speaks volumes on the quality of US leadership. Blame for the 2001 twin tower disaster should also be shared by the leadership and the people who made them the leaders. No doubt the US is still the leader and stands high among all the nations of the world. Its people, who are responsible for all the credits so far of the nation, should be more serious about their spending patterns and choice of leaders.

Coming to Pakistan, its people excel in arts, sports and culture but are being projected more for nefarious activities. When played regularly, they applauded the victory in cricket of even their arch rivals India. They love Indian players, actors, music and arts. Hate is imposed upon them by some politicians, who put personal gains above national interests.  Petty quarrels in the name of a piece of land or religion subscribe to self destruction but unfortunately gained the tag of self respect. For the time being, the people of Pakistan need to concentrate more on internal progress and less on external hate. They have the potential to become world beaters in all fields.

Coming to India, our cricketers could win the World Cup in cricket after 38 years but our politicians could not win the war against poverty even after 64 years. Corruption is the most important evil that caused the failure and no proper effort was made to curtail it. When Anna Hazare voiced his concern, the whole nation stood behind him to stun the so called leadership of the country. However, the seasoned politicians are now applying delayed tactics. Even the media and the intellectuals play now to the tunes of interests and advise Anna not to be in haste. We have been patient for not one or two but 64 years and now ‘to be patient’ means ‘to be patients’. Corrption is not just Anna’s concern. Nor an action plan against corruption is just Anna’s headache. The whole society be alert to this malady of corruption and look for emergency treatment. However, our society is more tuned towards hypocrites and Anna may have to fight a lone battle in this regard. If that is so, he has to be patient as well as strategic in the larger interest of the nation. Also he should not take sides in a fit of anger. It is just not Congress- almost all political parties in India are thriving on corruption and the corrupt. In this connection an article by Chetan Bhagat presents a perfect picture of the situation. Anna is our hope for the year 2012. And we are sure our hope will not let us down.

Happy New Year 2012!           


January 1, 2010

A Happy Bye

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The first decade of  this century draws to a close today. There are achievements, failures, miracles, disasters etc to mark this period. But the world is moving forward in such a way to call this decade good and bid a happy good bye.

The economic prosperity of India & China, Election of Obama as the President of  USA, recovery from disastrous recession in the world’s financial sector- are some of the highlights that mark this decade.  Initiation of Flatforum, a blog to embrace varied fields including politics for discussion sans the touch of political bias, also happened during this decade.

We do not claim but aim perfection while continuing this blog with more and more activity.

Bye bye the first decade of 21st century!

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