December 10, 2016

Eudemonic Semantics

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05 Dec 2016: Sriharikrishna Mocherla’s “Eudemonic Semantics” launched

Photo (L to R): Seshu Mocherla, Rohini Vemuri, VV Satya Prasad, U Atreya Sarma, Sriharikrishna Mocherla, Voleti Parvateesam, Kala Deekshitulu, Padmaja Iyengar
Eudemonic Semantics | Sriharikrishna Mocherla | Creative Crows, New Delhi | ISBN 93-84901-40-7| Pages xxvi + 232| Rs 425

English language enthusiast Sriharikrishna Mocherla’s book Eudemonic Semantics was launched at Tyagaraja Gana Sabha, Hyderabad, on Nov 3, 2016.

The book dealing with the wit, humour and nuances in English language came in for praise from the speakers on the occasion –Dr Voleti Parvateesam, former Program Executive, Saptagiri TV Channel; VV Satya Prasad, Telugu Poet and President of the ceremony; U Atreya Sarma, Chief Editor, Muse India and poet; and Padmaja Iyengar, poet and Hon. Lit. Advisor, Cultural Centre of Vijayawada & Amaravati.

The book, published by Creative Crows, was released by Dr Parvateesam.

Kala Deekshitulu, President of Tyagaraja Gana Sabha, complimented the writer.

This is the third book of Harikrishna. His earlier ones are Time to Hold Your Tongue and Mould the Language (2010) and Vivid Dreams and Waking Visions (2011).

The author’s father Mocherla Janaki Ramiah, an MA (Litt) from Nagpur University in 1940, a charismatic lecturer and a co-compiler of “Bala Saraswati Pictorial Gem Dictionary – English to English to Telugu” along with Mallampalli Somasekhara Sarma, a renowned historian, was duly remembered.

The well-attended programme was emceed by Rohini Vemuri. Smt Seshu, better half of the author was also present.

[A review of the book by U Atreya Sarma appeared in The Hans India daily (Oct 30, 2016) and at (Oct 31, 2016). Here are the links:]

Report by: U Atreya Sarma, Editor (News & Events), Muse India

June 12, 2016

An Indefatigable Translator

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February 16, 2012

World Demographic Trends- Book Review

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October 24, 2008

The Da Vinci Code: Book Review

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The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

A great novel can be defined in the following words:

Whatever may be the content it needs an unusual theme with vivid description of characters and events via a narration that keeps reader interest althrough.

Or simply mention the name of “The Da Vinci Code”, a book having all the attributes of a great novel. In fact, it is the dream product for any novelist aspiring for greatness. Read the rest of this entry »

Towards achieving excellence in Teaching and Learning: Book Review

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Towards achieving excellence in Teaching and Learning, by Dr. B.R. Sant.   


Gone are the days when people used to relax at least for a few hours everyday. Gone are the days when people used to await and enjoy the success of fellow beings. Today people are more busy, self-centered and uncomfortable with the success of fellow beings. One positive aspect of this life style is to strive for excellence though to excel fellow beings in wealth, status and power. In his foreword to a book entitled “TOWARDS ACHIEVING EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING and LEARNING– Some Thoughts”, Swami Jnananda (President, Ramakrishnamath, Hyderabad) Read the rest of this entry »