June 3, 2016

My Pencil Feats

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A book with astonishing pencil drawings of contemporary celebrities of India

May 21, 2016

From Telugu With Love

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Professor Kasukhela Narasimharao is a revered teacher, renowned scholar and reputed writer, besides being a friend, philosopher and guide to many. He is a voracious reader and even at the age of 92 now, keeps himself abreast of contemporary literature. His proficiency in English helped him reach wider audience as well as understand the panorama of world literature. He is as proficient in Telugu – his mother tongue – despite settling down in Tamil Nadu during his early twenties. Despite his numerous contributions to English as well as Telugu literature, Prof. Rao modestly prefers to consider himself an ardent follower of literature rather than a literary person. He is an ardent lover of his mother tongue, with very high regard for the Telugu short story and grouse over the limited availability of its quality translation into English, in particular. After a long wait, he reached a breaking point in 2013 at the age of 89. Being a man of action, he decided to take the challenge of translation upon himself. Challenge because he must  single-handedly take up the stupendous task that includes reading, choosing, preparing a hand-written translated script, typing, proof-reading, and printing. He thrust the job of typing on his retired scientist-son Sri Krishnarao, whose love for his father matches Prof. Rao’s love for literature. That no sponsor was available to meet the cost of publication did not deter Prof. Rao; this did not even reduce the quantum of work that he took up. Whatever may be the cost, he decided to bring out four volumes: 1. Stories of a few eminent writers (predominantly male). 2 & 3. Stories of two writers, whose works he followed somewhat closely.  4. Stories of a few eminent writers (all female).

He began the endeavour sometime in the middle of 2014 and brought out the first volume by February, 2015. He did not wait for laurels and continued with astonishing speed. The second volume came in October 2015, third volume in January 2016 and, recently in May 2016, the last and fourth volume came out.

For people interested in world literature, these books introduce the quality of Telugu stories. For those who wish to promote the Telugu literature, these books offer a valuable gift. For the English-medium fed Telugu youth, these books can help understand their familiar surroundings. 

Prof. Rao may consider his contribution nominal, but in deed and indeed it is phenomenal.

Information about and the availability of these books is given here. Enthusiasts may obtain these books (for self as well as libraries) free or on payment. The choice is yours. A phone call or a mail – either electronic or by post – to the author is appreciated as it eliminates the casual tag on your request.

Prof. Rao is presently camped at S 13-1003, SMONDOVILLE, Neo Town, Electronic City Phase I, Bangalore 560 100 (Ph: 080- 49538389; Mo: 9003100948; email: krishnarao.kk@gmail.com)

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The Books:


TheTelugu Short Story coversTheTelugu Short Story publisher information


front cover shades of mentality1

Shades of Mentality back cover1


pubisher page shades of mentality1



A Whiff of Fragrance front cover

A Whiff of Fragrance back cover

A Whiff of Fragrance publisher information


Sister Speak front cover

sister speak back cover

Sister Speak publisher information

March 26, 2013


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iam five and iam in love  1 iam five and iam in love  2 iam five and iam in love  3 iam five and iam in love  4

January 29, 2012

Vemana Mantra- a Book for Children

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Vemana was a great telugu poet. His poems numbering over five thousnd were comprised of simple but effective words. They conveyed deep philosophical thoughts in such a manner that they could even be considred mantra for the righteous living of the common man. C.P. Brown, a telugu-loving English scholar, made efforts to bring those poems into light and print.  The book being displayed here comprises 15 interwoven stories, each including one Vemana mantra. Each one-page story is supported by a one-page illustration in colour. The book is written for children and is considered beneficial for all ages.

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