April 22, 2021

Not a Model but take her as a Model Please

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information courtesy Dr. B.R. Sant, an eminent octogenarian scientist and social activist

wiki farewell speech standing ovation


With six minutes of warm applause, on the streets, balconies, windows, the whole Country applauded for 6 minutes – spectacular example of leadership and defense of humanity, chapeaux !

The Germans elected her to lead them, and she led 80 million Germans for 18 years with competence, skill, dedication and sincerity. She did not utter nonsense. She did not appear in the alleys of Berlin to be photographed. She was dubbed “The Lady of the World” and who was described as the equivalent of six million men.

During these eighteen years of her leadership of the authority in her Country, no transgressions were recorded against her. She did not assign any of her relatives to a government post. She did not claim that she was the maker of glories. She did not get millions in payment, nor did anyone cheer her performance, she did not receive charters and pledges, she did not fight those who preceded her.

Yesterday, Merkel left the party leadership position and handed it over to those after her, and Germany and it’s German people are in the best condition ever.

The reaction of the Germans was unprecedented in the history of the Country. The entire population went out to their balconies of their houses and clapped for her spontaneously for 6 continuous minutes. A standing ovation nationwide.

Germany stood as one body bidding farewell to their leader, a chemical physicist who was not tempted by the fashion or the lights and did not buy real estate, cars, yachts and private planes, knowing that she is from former East Germany.

She left her post after leaving Germany at the top. She left and her relatives did not claim advantage. Eighteen years and she never changed her wardrobe. God be upon this silent leader.

At a press conference, a female Journalist asked Merkel : We notice that you’re wearing the same suit, don’t you have any other? She replied: “I am a government employee and not a model”

At another press conference, they asked her : Do you have housemaids who clean your house, prepare your meals and so on? Her answer was: “No, I do not have servants and I do not need them. My husband and I do this work at home every day.

Then another journalist asked : Who is washing the clothes, you or your husband? Her answer: “I arrange the clothes, and my husband is the one who operates the washing machine, and it is usually at night, because electricity is available and there is no pressure on it, and the most important thing is to take into the account the possible inconvenience for the neighbours, thankfully the wall separating our apartment from the neighbours is thick. She said to them, “I expected you to ask me about the successes and failures in our work in the government??”

Mrs. Merkel lives in a normal apartment like any other citizen. She lived in this apartment before being elected Chancellor of Germany. She did not leave it and does not own a villa, servants, swimming pools or gardens.

Merkel, the now former Chancellor of Germany, the largest economy in Europe !!

September 29, 2019

Howdy Modi

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Leaders are born, not made. Every leader will have his own style.

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a born leader and presently there is no match for him.  And the present media style suits him very well.

He is a man of action and never waits for doing things he believes. Demonetisation, triple talaq and now the abolition of article 370 – all require immense courage. He showed courage.

His recent trip to the US, hailed as Howdy Modi, is a testimony to his personality. Imran Khan, PM of Pakistan, said so many things, many of them irrelevant, to throw mud on the country punctuated by personal attacks on the Indian PM. Like Gandhiji, who chose nonviolence as a weapon to wage a war, he  had chosen silnce to throw back all the mud on the perpetrator with more force. 

The nation expects more and more from this gifted leader. 

The article (given below) by Sagarika appeared today in the Times of India is an objective analysis of the situation.


December 11, 2016

Analysis sans Emotion

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Source: Dec 11 2016 : The Times of India (Hyderabad)
Title: SWAMINOMICS – Don’t eulogise Amma for her freebie politics
Authoritarian leadership, big corrup tion, and endless freebies for the masses.These were the hallmarks of Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalithaa (pop ularly called Amma) who died last week.

mourning, she has been praised by even In this week of mourning, she has been praised by even her bitter political foes. Yet this political correctness must not distort her electoral record.

Since the 1970s, power in Tamil Nadu has oscillated between the DMK and Amma’s AIADMK. The big exception was in 1984, when M G Ramachandran was re-elected.After that, every incumbent was voted out. So, when Amma was re-elected earlier this year, analysts called it spectacular, and attributed it to a record list of freebies and subsidies that supposedly won her the undying love of the masses.

That’s rubbish. Far from winning the undying love of the masses, Amma’s vote share actually crashed from almost 52% in 2011 to just over 42% in 2016. This huge anti-incumbent swing should normally have meant crushing defeat. But, luckily for her, the DMK was so confident of winning that it failed to bring small but significant parties into its alliance. The anti-incumbent vote was split, with the Third Front and PMK winning almost 11% of votes. This allowed Amma to squeak through with tiny margins in many seats. The outcome was more a DMK blunder than a great Amma victory .

To put the figures in perspective, the vote share of Amma’s alliance in her earlier victories was 59.8% in 1991, 50.1% in 2001, and 51.9% in 2011. So, the crash to barely 41% in 2016 is not evidence of some fabulous rapport with the masses. Yes, she had a core of fanatical supporters. But when I covered the election campaign, one female voter said, “Where does Amma get all this money for freebies? From the people, of course. If she then gives back some of it, should we be grateful?“ In any case Amma had no monopoly on freebies, which were espoused by all parties in the state. The DMK over the years also advocated free electricity , canal water, colour TVs and housing schemes. In the election earlier this year, it offered free WiFi connections and the waiving of farm loans.

Compared with northern states, Tamil Nadu has always enjoyed a good economic climate and government services, despite deep corruption. Fast GDP growth in the liberalisation era brought rising revenues and ever-higher freebies from both parties. But state voters proved too smart to be purchased. Despite freebies offered by both sides, voters persistently voted out incumbents for corruption and misgovernance.

This echoed the historical all-India trend. Having won India independence, the Congress dominated elections till 1989. Slow GDP growth in those pre-liberalisation days meant there was no correlation between economic growth and electoral victory . The Congress found victory as easy or difficult in fast-growing Maharashtra as in the slowgrowing BIMAROU states (Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand).

Politics became a business. Governments extorted huge sums while in office, and then offered freebies to voters and bought off minor parties and vote banks to form wining alliances. Yet this did not guarantee reelection: three-quarters of all incumbents lost.

The big change came in the 2000s, when economic reforms launched by New Delhi in 1991 facilitated record growth. A new breed of chief ministers came up, mostly in the misgoverned BIMAROU states. These CMs focused on better governance and infrastructure, not freebies. Corruption and subsidies did not vanish, but cleaner politics and purposive development sparked record GDP growth. Bihar and Madhya Pradesh were in some years the fastest-growing states in India.

The electoral consequences were dramatic. Naveen Patnaik in Odisha won four elections in a row. Others won three elections in a row -Nitish Kumar in Bihar, Raman Singh in Chhattisgarh, and Chouhan in Madhya Pradesh. So did Narendra Modi in Gujarat.

Suddenly anti-incumbency was replaced by proincumbency . The trick was to shift (though not entirely) from freebies to cleaner government plus economic development. Where the government was not clean (as in several regimes in Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh), economic growth was slower and CMs did not get re-elected.

BIMAROU chief ministers chalked up far better electoral records than Amma ever did. So, even as we mourn her, let nobody think she proved that popularity is best bought by freebies.

Correction: Swaminomics on Nov 19 said 3 million Indians filed tax returns and less than 2 million paid income tax. The correct figures are 3 crore and 2 crore.

October 21, 2015

Return of the Awards

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It seems literary awards are connected to the elected governments. Somrtimes the recipients may decide to return the awards given, after a change in the government. Then the government may also resort to asking the recipients to return the awards given by the previous governments. Sounds logical!

the times of india

Oct 21 2015 : The Times of India (Hyderabad)

second opinion – Return ticket

 A pioneering protester who gives back unreceived awards by Jug Suraiya

In the wake of a spate of writers returning their awards to protest against growing intolerance in Indian society , a hit herto unknown literary personage, Kavi Kaviraji, made news by being the first such person to return awards he had not rece ived. Second Opinion interviewed this pioneering protester.SO: You’ve returned in protest a Sahitya Akademi award which you never got?
KK: I’ve not only returned in protest the Sahitya Akademi award which i never got, but now i’m in the process of also returning in protest the Man Booker Prize, the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize, the Pulitzer, and the Nobel Prize for Literature, all of which i never got.SO: But how can you in protest return all these prizes and awards you never got? Don’t you actually have to have something before you can return it?
KK: Not at all. Haven’t you heard of the old saying that it is better to return than to receive? After all, pre-emptive return is the price we pay for protest.

Indeed, why should one only stick to returning literary awards and prizes? I’m now proposing to return in protest the Padma Shri, the Padma Bhushan, the Magsaysay , the Filmfare Award, the Oscar, the Grammy , and the Emmy , all of which i never received. Hey , how about the OBE, the Order of the British Empire?
Whom do i return that to? Buckingham Palace?
SO: But don’t you think that by returning in protest all these awards which you were never given in the first place you’re dishonouring them?
KK: Dishonouring them? Certainly not. On the contrary, by returning them in protest without ever having got them i’m actually honouring them by ensuring that they get even more publicity than they got before.

SO: I suppose that’s one way of looking at it. So you’re returning all these awards, which were never given to you, in protest against the growing intolerance in our society towards intellectuals, rationalists and freethinkers?
KK: Of course not. Who cares about such altu-phaltu types? I’m returning the awards in protest that i was never given them. That’s what i’m protesting.

SO: In which case, let us all wish you many happy returns of the day … secondopinion@timesgroup.com http:blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.comjugglebandhi

SO: In which case, let us all wish you many happy returns of the day … secondopinion@timesgroup.com http:blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.comjugglebandhi

January 25, 2015

Some ‘More’ Please

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Some biographies are information. Some are history. Some are political. If they are to be drama, you need some ‘More’.

Moro the same – After Soniaji’s ‘dramatised biography’, the PM could have one as well

January 23, 2015, 12:00 am IST in Juggle-Bandhi | Edit Page, India | TOI

The PM seated at desk in the PMO. Enter Amit Shah.

Amit : PMji, that Spanish fellow is here, wanting to meet you.

PM : Spanish fellow? You mean the Spanish ambassador, wanting to borrow my Swachh Bharat campaign and turn it into Swachh Spain?

Amit : No, not the Spanish ambassador. It’s the Spanish author, Javier Moro, whose dramatised biography of Soniaji, The Red Sari, has resulted in a bestseller.

PM : You mean the book has become a bestseller?

Amit : That too, because Congress has bought all the copies so that no one can get a chance to read it. But, more importantly, Moro’s dramatised biography has made Soniaji into a bestseller. After the last elections both Congress and Soniaji were beginning to look like has beens. But now, thanks to Moro, both Congress and Soniaji are back in the limelight.

PM : You mean Moro’s book is that good?

Amit : No, Moro’s book is that bad. Or, rather, that banned. Congress had the English translation of the book banned in India. So now that it has been published here, everyone wants to read it to see what’s so bad — or so banned — about it. And now Moro wants to do a dramatised biography of you, because he says you’re the perfect subject.

PM : What’s a dramatised biography?

Amit : A biography in which dramabaji is disguised as fact.

PM : Dramabaji disguised as fact? Hey, that sounds just like my election campaign. Come to that, it also sounds just like Swachh Bharat and Make in India.

Amit : Exactly. That’s why this Moro chap feels that you’re the perfect subject for a dramabaji biography. It’ll make for a great bestseller. It’ll make you a great bestseller.

PM : But i already am a great bestseller.

Amit : Too true — but you could become an even greater bestseller, a bestestseller, so to speak. Moro’s even suggested a working title for your dramabaji biography: From Chaiwala to PM’s Chairwala. And to advertise the dramabaji biography, we could do a marketing slogan: Ab ki baar, Moro sutradhar. How’s that grab you?

PM : It grabs me good. Send the fellow in. Yeh dil maange Moro.

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