January 1, 2020

HAPPY 2020!

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We Love India

It Means We Love All Indian People

It Means We Love the Leaders Elected By Indian People

We Know That Love Is Synonymous With Respect & Respect Is Reflected More Through Language

We Hope That Our Leaders – Irrespective Of Their Caste, Creed And Party – Really Love India

Hence the Greetings


August 15, 2017


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Country first. Religion and caste next. The spirit helped us to drive away foreign forces out of the country and achieve independence.

Religion and caste first. Country next. The local forces trying to impose this lunacy on us are to be driven out of the country for the survival of independence.


November 17, 2014

Oh my Dog!

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oh my dog








Nov 16 2014 : The Times of India (Hyderabad):  click here for the link 
vinitadawra nangia

Who said a dog cannot teach humans all about love and the dynamics of man-woman relationship?
My son Saurabh goes for a daily run, combining it with a session of stargazing, wherein he marks the trajectory of the big balls of fire that speckle the vast sky like tiny diamonds. After he has had a starry eyeful, he returns home.Almost always when he returns, he is accompanied by a beautiful dog, who politely waits at the gate till Saurabh fetches some food and feeds him. He calls the dog Deneb, after one of the brightest stars. The dog gained his name after he insisted on accompanying Saurabh on his daily run, and later squatted nearby as the young lad studied the celestial bodies.

Now, Deneb is one of the most dignified dogs I have met in my life, and also one of the most sensible and mature ones. That in itself is amazing, considering he is a street dog and has never been trained. What I find even more fascinating is his gentleness. He is the only dog I have ever seen minding his own pups while the mother is away scav enging. He not just stays around, but even plays with them, gently teasing, rolling them over and al lowing the litter to clamber all over him. The only thing he draws a line at is when the pups, obvi when the pups, obviously confused by all the affection, seek to nurse with him.

Recently, Deneb realised my relationship with Saurabh and developed a strange deferential attitude towards me. He stands up and gives a polite wag of his tail when I enter the park for my walk and looks at me with the kindest eyes. Yes terday, it was dark and the park deserted, when I found time to step out. Deneb remained alert and to my surprise, walked with me protectively on the last two rounds. Touched, I insisted on inviting him back home for a special treat, which he accepted in his usual dignified way.

Intrigued, I looked up the star `Deneb’ on Wikipedia, and found interesting stories related to it. My favourite is the Chinese love story of Qi XI where Deneb is the bridge across the Milky Way, which enables the lovers Zhi Nu (Vega) and Niu Lang (Altair) to be reunited on a special night in late summer every year. Deneb is also depicted in another version as a fairy who is a chaperone for the lovers. Together, all three stars form the Summer Triangle in the sky.Deneb’s partner (named Vega after another of the brightest stars, not because of any stargazing habits but due to her celeb rub-off from Deneb) has none of his sterling qualities, nor his beauty. But she is the mother of his children, and Deneb respects hat. I wonder if there is an Altair waiting around somewhere too?
A couple of days ago, I was dis turbed when my son came back after his usual jaunt and remarked, “One cannot deny it. It’s the way nature wanted us to be.Why do we insist on unnatural stuff? I gave food to both Deneb and Vega. Deneb sniffed his, but then went over and finished Vega’s bowl first, before coming back to demolish his own. And Vega just stood back and watched. No woman would allow that, would she?“ Horrified at his inference, I blurted out the concept of evolution and necessity of equality of the sexes. He looked back and said, “Well, try explaining that to Vega!“ Worried, I wondered what would be the outcome of learning the dynamics between the sexes by observing doggy relationships! I would need to distract him from his newfound obsession.

However, the next day had a surprise in store for us. Saurabh had saved a yummy shammi kebab and some rotis dipped in gravy for the dogs. Vega came to the gate first that day, so in all fairness, she got it. She had just started eating when Deneb came upon the scene. “Oh no!“ I exclaimed, expecting some trouble. But to my surprise, gentle Deneb just sniffed and after touching Vega’s head lightly with his jaw, moved away to watch her enjoy her treat.

Now, what do you have to say young man, I asked my son in delight. Deneb had lived up to the legend of the name Saurabh gave him ­ a veritable angel of love. We smiled and ran in to get them yet another treat.

The opinions expressed in this column are the personal views of the writer


January 1, 2014


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happy new year 2014 wallpaper hdWhen you look back, the year 2013 gave us more grief than pleasure. But hope followed always. Scams were in galore, rapes became common practice, political leaders concentrated on self ignoring people totally and so on. And there was consolation in the name of Aam Admi which came to power in Delhi. Also the party in power lost badly in 3 state polls.  Sachin retired from cricket and Virat appeared as a reday replacement. The Nirbhaya Act and the Lokpal Bill are also a silver lining.  There was a very unfortunate incident to blur the friendly atmosphere between two of the world’s notable democracies (the Us & India). The notable positive development was that India for the first time has shown signs of no hesitation in responding to bullying tactics at international level. 

Let us look forward with all hope to the new year 2014.

Flat Forum wishes the readers a very happy new year!


March 26, 2013

Bravo Harika

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We hear of many instances of violence and disaster.   They were neither prevalent nor important. They find prominence due to sensationalism. But the world is moving due to certain people who mind their businesseven in adverse situations. 15 year old Ms. Harika is one such person, who braved surgery to write her SSC examination. Click here for the report.

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