June 26, 2022

This is the Only Truth!

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వాట్‍సాప్ బృందం రంజని మిత్రులు సౌజన్యంతో

June 11, 2022


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May 4, 2022

స్వీయ గేయ గాన పోటీలుః తానా

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వాట్‍సాప్ బృందం సాహిత్య సమాచారకలశం సౌజన్యంతో

April 28, 2022


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April 18, 2022

A Mindless Show to Propagate the Power of Mind: Radhe Shyam

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Dil Ek Mandir (directed by Sridhar) was a 1963 love traingle hindi movie with a difference.

The story goes like this (wikipedia):

Sita (Meena Kumari) is married to Ram (Raaj Kumar), who is diagnosed to have cancer. Ram is admitted to a hospital where he is to be treated by Dr. Dharmesh (Rajendra Kumar). Dr. Dharmesh is Sita’s former love and both of them are very much uncomfortable to interact in front of Sita’s husband. Sita suspects that Dr. Dharmesh will not be able to give her husband a fair treatment because of his love interest in her. When she mentions this to him he promises her that he will try his best to save her husband. Ram overhears this conversation and later suggests to Sita that she should marry Dr. Dharmesh after his death. Ram is to undergo a major surgery under Dr. Dharmesh, which will decide his fate. Dr. Dharmesh is seized with a feeling that he can’t afford to fail in this surgery, as it might seem that he was biased due to Sita. He works hard for the preparation of the surgery, without proper food/sleep for a long time. Finally, at the end the surgery takes place. Dr. Dharmesh comes out from the operation theatre and tells Sita that the operation was successful and her husband is safe. He takes couple of steps forward and collapses. Long days of hard work for the preparation of surgery takes its toll, and he dies on the spot. The last scene shows Ram and Sita at the inauguration of a hospital built in Dr. Dharmesh’s memory. Dr. Dharmesh’s mother inaugurates his statue and everybody places flowers there.

The entire film was shooted in a single set. But for the star cast, the film could easily be categorised as a low-budget one. Great narration. superb acting, absorbing situations and powerful characters impressively haunt the viewers for decades. The film was a runaway hit even ith the masses.

Contrary to this was the 2022 movie Radhe Shyam with a 300 crore+ budget. Lavish sets, foreign locations and technologically superior scenes like ship-wreck, motor chases punctuate the narration. Stars were chosen only to add to the expenses. The film was sans a meaningful story, powerful characters, impressive situations or an absorbing nation. In the end, the moral of the story was revealed: It is not your palm, but vyour resolve that decides your fate. The means to justify this end were neither conquential nor convincing.

One need not be a Shantaram, Basu Chattarjee, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Bimal Roy, Vishanath and the likes to make a content film with low-budget and less-known actors and turn it into a blockbuster. Even the extravagant makers like Karan Johar and Rajamouli depend on the content to a great extent.

Otherwise, even pan-India stars could not help stopping disasters.

Radhe Shyam is a glaring example.

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